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Eau de Parfum Fico D'India 100ml

Eau de Parfum Fico D'India 100ml


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Fico d'India Eau de Parfum.
The prickly pear, famous with its orange flowers, is found in Sicily where it can grow at ease in wild spaces. Its scent is composed of fig oil and cedar with subtle and powdery notes of cactus juice.

Ortigia is a small Italian soap and fragrance company founded in Sicily in 2006 by Sue Townsend. The luxurious range of soaps, perfumes, creams, candles and lotions are made from natural products originating in Sicily inspired by the aesthetics, colors and scents of the most historic and tropical region of Italy.

The perfumes are extracted from the flowers of Sicily by the master perfumer, Lorenzo Villoresi. The basis of all products is a natural fragrance and natural ingredients: olive oil, vegetable glycerin and organic dyes. No sls, nickel or silicone; products not tested on animals. Paraben free, the range uses traditional products with modern ethics and integrity.

All Ortigia products are made by small family businesses who pride themselves on the quality of their products. The highly decorative packaging is designed by Sue Townsend and is inspired by exotic Sicilian images and colors.

The name Ortigia comes from the small island located on the edge of the ancient walled city of Syracuse, on the south-eastern coast of Sicily. The streets of Ortigia are collapsed baroque facades of great splendor overlooking 3 sides of the sea. The Piazza del Duomo is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. Located in the south-east of Sicily, this part of the island is known as "Eastern Sicily" because of its proximity to Africa and its almost tropical climate. In the rich volcanic soil of Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, there are hundreds of groves of orange and lemon trees, the only place where blood oranges grow, as well as grapefruits, almonds, pistachios. , saffron, vines, olives and cacti.
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