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Small travel box of the Empress of India

Small travel box of the Empress of India


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Burning paper & Assorted Home Spray 50 ml.

The Indian Paper is a natural blotting paper 100% made in France (Corrèze) by hand.

Notes: Sandalwood, Nag Champa (fragrance from the yellow flower of a Himalayan tree, Michella Champaka).

Champaka incense is traditionally used in India during ritual offerings to Ganesh, the supreme deity.

This Indian Paper contains an ingredient from India called "halmaddi" (semi-liquid resin obtained from the Ailanthus triphysa or Ailanthus malabarica tree) which gives it its amber color and its property of absorbing ambient humidity.

Its scent would be conducive to a state of calm and meditation. There is a high concentration of sandalwood in it.


Personal development

Peace and serenity


Queen Victoria, Queen of England from 1837 and Empress of India in 1876, had formed a surprising and lasting friendship with Napoleon III, Anglophile sovereign, then Emperor of the French.

Her sympathy for France was then no longer denied: as early as 1891 she had become accustomed to residing on the French Riviera, in Nice where Antonin Raynaud, also the happy owner in Paris of the famous Maison Oriza de L. Legrand, built the Excelsior Regina Palace Hotel to welcome her with great pomp, aware of the power and aura of a sovereign who reigned over 1/4 of the inhabitants of this world.

On February 15, 1897, the owner administrator Antonin Raynaud inaugurated in the presence of numerous personalities of high society and social journalists, the new and flamboyant palace.

Queen Victoria therefore occupied 70 rooms in this luxury hotel out of the 200 available to prestigious clients of the Riviera.

The house of Oriza L. Legrand, always at the forefront of innovations and fashions, offered, in 1886 this small travel box containing 12 strips in the colors of the Indies to clean up the rooms of palaces and take a little of India of the Maharajas.

About Oriza L. Legrand:

It was in 1720, under the reign of Louis XV, that Fargeon Aîné, Perfumer and Distiller of the King and his Court, (nicknamed in Europe "La Cour Parfumée"), gave birth to Maison Oriza.
The Maison Oriza L. Legrand is the official and patented supplier of the largest foreign courts (Russia, Italy, England), supplies the Court of France until Napoleon III and presents its creations at Universal Exhibitions around the world ( Paris, Vienna, Philadelphia, Chicago).
Numerous awards come to encourage the excellence and superior quality of the compositions of Maison Oriza L. Legrand.
Proud of its glorious past and keen to contribute to the rebirth of the creations that have made it famous for four centuries on all continents, Oriza L. Legrand offers fragrances recreated from their original formulas and from the House's archives. .
The demanding resurgence of Maison Oriza L. Legrand was carried out with the help of French artisans and family businesses, respecting the tradition of Master Perfumers and the noblest raw materials.
We invite you to enter the history of the prestigious Maison Oriza L. Legrand ...

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