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Box of 3 candles Winter Collection

Box of 3 candles Winter Collection

Cirerie de Gascogne

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A poplar wood box designed as a pencil case made in an eco-responsible way in the Lot. It is marked with water-based ink.

It contains 3 candles of 80 grams each of your favorite season.

- 1 Cabernet candle - leather - mushrooms

- 1 patchouli candle - sauterne - dried fig

- 1 candle Quince - pepper - chili

To offer or to offer

These candles are made of 100% natural vegetable wax, they are hand-cast by hand. Their wick is cotton. The combustion is of excellent quality and the diffusion of the fragrance is slow & balanced.

About the Cirerie de Gascogne:

The Cirerie de Gascogne is the meeting of a Nose, a Cellar Master, a Master Cirier and a Musketeer who, together, have developed exceptional olfactory universes for your well-being. < / p>

"Let yourself be taken by the nose, we will take you to our place, in Gascony!"

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