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Clap Goldie

Clap Goldie

Clap Paris

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Goldie is THE clapperboard to have to wow your eyes with her golden balls and her huge pearl. Adopt this jewel-clip and become a style queen!

This jewel is 5 cm long.

CLAP what is it?

Nothing could be simpler: a piece of gold metal jewelry that can be enamelled or sometimes adorned with stones that are not at all precious. Underneath: a clip like on our mothers' earrings and a small felt disc to avoid damaging your garment. Otherwise just remember the one rule: there is none.

How to wear the CLAPs?

The CLAPS are worn individually, in pairs or mismatched. They are clipped on accessories (hat, shoes, bag ...), clothes (shirt collar, trouser belt, coat buttonhole), jewelry (necklace, earrings ...) or living beings (boyfriend, best friend or darling doggie). Only one instruction: GET AROUND!

How are CLAPs made?

- In golden zamac metal . Zamak is a light and resistant metal which does not oxidize, widely used for making perfume caps.

- Its solid clip on the back allows it to be clipped onto everything, EVERYTHING (even on doggies)!

- The clip is nickel free.

The CLAPs are designed in France and ethically manufactured in China, which keeps prices low, very low to offer you more models and more choices regularly to spice up your obsolete clothes and accessories: it that's the principle of upCLAPing!

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