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Colombard candle-Fresh fig-Citrus

Colombard candle-Fresh fig-Citrus

Cirerie de Gascogne

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This blend highlights the qualities of Colombard (a famous variety from the South West), it brings Peps reinforced by citrus, a candle full of energy.

The daffodils have already bloomed, the grass grows releasing its greasy scents, soon the sun will dry everything out.

We cook the Acacia flowers in donuts, the peaches ripen. On the terraces shaded by ageless wisteria, we feast on cherries and fruity white wine from the country.

These candles are made of 100% natural vegetable wax, they are hand-cast by hand. Their wick is cotton. The combustion is of excellent quality and the diffusion of the fragrance is slow & balanced.

About the Cirerie de Gascogne:

The Cirerie de Gascogne is the meeting of a Nose, a Cellar Master, a Master Cirier and a Musketeer who, together, have developed exceptional olfactory universes for your well-being. < / p>

"Let yourself be taken by the nose, we will take you to our place, in Gascony!"

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