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Cirerie de Gascogne

Cabernet-Leather-Mushroom Candle

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This blend transports you to the undergrowth of Gascony. Smell the small red fruits, the mushrooms. A very atypical fragrance that quickly becomes an addiction.

The Pyrenees have put on their white coats, the thrushes have fallen silent, the countryside is falling asleep.

We pamper our interiors by warming the thick stone walls. In the kitchen, winter dishes are prepared, duck, pâtés, beans simmer.

About the Cirerie de Gascogne:

The Cirerie de Gascogne is the meeting of a Nose, a Cellar Master, a Master Cirier and a Musketeer who, together, have developed exceptional olfactory universes for your well-being. < / p>

"Let yourself be taken by the nose, we will take you to our place, in Gascony!"