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WLAPP Paris Pershing Hall poster

WLAPP Paris Pershing Hall poster

Image Republic

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The 30x40 cm prints are presented under masterpieces. The dimensions indicated include the creation as well as the master key.
French manufacture

IMAGE REPUBLIC likes different, strong, communicating images ... those that mark an era, a moment, those that make you think, smile or souvenir ... Image Republic loves ... pop culture icons, iconic personalities, cult objects and brands, creative advertising, iconic TV series, emotional moments, certain claims ...
"There is a bit of all of this in the images that make up our collections, which better than words, testify to our passion and define the spirit of Image Republic."


Diane Ratican has degrees in history and sociology from the Universities of California at Berkeley and UCLA. She started her career as an educator for gifted children, then went into business and started her business. This led her to embark on a career as an author, image collector and artistic director. The idea of ​​telling a story in pictures came from his lifelong interest in art and creativity. For her, education is communication and that's what she wanted to do with Why LA, why Paris ?. She wanted to share her wonder, her passion for these two cities, of which she paints a portrait with all the depth and subtlety of a complex tapestry.

Nick Lu was educated at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he graduated in Illustration. Nick lives in Los Angeles where he is an illustrator. Nick spends most of his time imagining interesting and varied things for his clients, including the New Yorker, Wired, the Boston Globe, PlanSponsor, Bloomberg View, Hahe Luft Magazine, Playboy Jazz, Poketo, Riney Advertising, and MacMillan. Children's Publishing.

Éric Giriat made his debut by signing illustrations for the French edition of ELLE magazine in 1996. Since then he has worked for the press, advertising, publishers, gaining international fame and clients all over the world. world, in fields as diverse as fashion, economics, politics, psychology, children's books, interior design, the luxury industry, culture, or by taking portraits.

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