Janus paper vase

20,00 €
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This handcrafted flower vase takes you on a journey around the Mediterranean

Made of special waterproof paper, it pays homage to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics. Use this eye-catching vase to adorn your desk or dining table or as an original and thoughtful gift. Let your imagination flourish.

Instructions for use:
1.Carefully cut off the top of a plastic bottle. You can also use a medium sized glass or ceramic container. Cover the container halfway with water and place it on a flat surface.

2. Open the paper vase by pressing gently on the edges and slide it onto the container. The vase is made of waterproof paper. If the paper gets wet, just let it dry. Arrange the flowers and brighten up your favorite place.

Waterproof paper 180 gr
265 x 290 mm
Offset print with gilding
Laminated and sewn by hand