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Soledad 2 coloring book

20,00 €
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This pocket contains 5 coloring posters, size 40x50 cm, 200gr paper, high quality, extra white, printed in France

Models: Animals, Dragons, Shopping, Low Tide and New York.

A graduate of Penninghen, Soledad Bravi is a Parisian illustrator. Author of books for toddlers and adults, her collaborations are multiple… from Colette to Chanel, via Le Bon Marché, Bonpoint or L'Occitane… You can find her every week in Elle magazine for a ticket. mood and daily on his Instagram account. For several years Soledad has collaborated with Image Republic for whom she imagines an exclusive collection of feminine and colorful illustrations.

IMAGE REPUBLIC likes different, strong, communicating images ... those that mark an era, a moment, those that make you think, smile or remember ... Image Republic loves ... icons of pop culture, iconic personalities, iconic objects and brands, creative advertising, iconic TV series, moments of emotion, certain claims ...
"He There is a bit of all this in the images that make up our collections, which better than words, testify to our passion and define the spirit of Image Republic. "