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Pack 3 Soaps of Montreuil

Pack 3 Soaps of Montreuil

Le Baigneur

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Pack including 3 soaps of 100g developed with the neighbors of Le Baigneur in Montreuil. Cold saponification. All skin types.

Bamako soap in tribute to the Malian community of Montreuil:

Raw shea butter from Mali (Fairtrade and unrefined, it has exceptional moisturizing, nourishing and healing properties)

Ile de France honey (Soothes, heals and moisturizes the skin)

Patchouli essential oil (Stimulating virtues)

"It is in Montreuil that the largest Malian community in France lives"

Fraternité soap in collaboration with the Deck & Donohue Brewery:

Deck & Donohue IPA beer (Composed of cereals, hops and yeast, beer is rich in B vitamins and silicon, which gives it firming, regulating and purifying properties)

Barley flour (Rich in vitamin B, it has softening, soothing and moisturizing properties)

"In 2014, the Deck & Donohue brasserie and the Le Baigneur workshop moved to 69-71 rue de la Fraternité in Montreuil"

Milori soap in collaboration with the chocolate maker RRRAW:

Raw Cocoa Butter from the RRRAW chocolate factory (moisturizing, nourishing, protective and repairing properties)

Ghassoul clay (Cleansing, absorbing, soothing, regenerating and protective virtues)

Essential oils of Amyris and Black pine (Relaxing and revitalizing virtues)

"It was in 1827 that the first factory in Montreuil named Milori was established at 261 rue de Paris. Since then, Montreuil has continued to welcome new factories ..."


Hand-made soap in their Montreuil soap factory using the traditional cold saponification process.

Vegetable oils and butters are not heated, thus preserving their nutritional qualities and making the process very energy efficient. The glycerin naturally produced during saponification is entirely preserved in the soap (between 7 and 8%). It will allow a gentle cleansing, thus respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

No feeling of dryness and tightness is then felt, unlike industrial soap. The skin is cleansed but remains soft and hydrated.


> Palm oil free

> Free of parabens, silicone, paraffin or PEG

> Not tested on animals

> No coloring or synthetic fragrance

> GMO free

Directions for use:

For external use: lather and apply to the entire body. Rinse well.

For optimal use, place the soap after use on a soap dish so that it drains and dries.

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