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Mask + 4 multi-layer filters Eco Mask Rose

Mask + 4 multi-layer filters Eco Mask Rose


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ECO MASK, the reusable and environmentally friendly protective mask. Produced in Italy using innovative plastics that reduce the proliferation of bacteria. Eco Mask is very light, it weighs only 45 grams and thanks to its flexible anatomical seal, it adheres to the face and adapts perfectly to all body types, for optimal comfort for hours: no itching, redness, marks on the skin ...

Thanks to its particular shape, one size fits all for men / women, the mask can be worn with glasses and minimizes the appearance of fog on the lenses. The large internal chamber, the correct sizing of the filtering system and the excellent portability ensured by the double configuration - behind the head or behind the ears - adjustable straps allow you to breathe well by removing the unpleasant feeling of suffocation that many provide. devices. Equipped with an effective filter for a period of 24 hours, in multilayer fabric, with a filtering capacity> = 95%, the Guzzini signed mask provides high protection against the surrounding atmosphere thanks to the hypoallergenic flexible rubber seal which adheres perfectly to the face. In addition, the mask and the straps are made of an innovative plastic material capable of reducing the proliferation of bacteria while minimizing the risk of contamination. In a sterilized environment free from germs and sources of contamination, according to the strictest quality standards, Eco Mask is made with carefully selected and tested materials. Eco Mask has obtained the CE marking for Class I Type I (non-sterile) medical devices in accordance with the following standards / regulations: EN 14683 - ISO 10993 - Regulation (EU) n ° 745/2017.

Designers: Spalvieri-Del Ciotto
Dimension: 13 x 13 x h7 cm
Material: PP, TPR 100% recyclable
PP - Polypropylene is a light acrylic material, flexible and unbreakable at room temperature. It offers good heat resistance. It is suitable for food contact up to 100 ° C. It can be placed in the microwave oven to reheat already cooked food (Max 400 W - Max 3 Min - Max 100 ° C). Do not microwave foods containing oil, fat or sugar as their temperature may exceed 100 ° C and damage the product. Dishwasher safe. Recyclable material.
TPR - Thermoplastic rubber is a very flexible material. It provides high adhesion to the bearing surface. Dishwasher safe. Recyclable material.
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