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Nadja Carlotti

Fold Ginkgo bangle

39,00 €
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Gilded bangle with fine gold open and adjustable to your wrist size. Two delicate Ginkgo leaves face each other, with their fine veins engraved with finesse. They are like little pleated skirts that fly in the wind. Very feminine and refined.

Dimensions of the pattern: W: 1.4cm x H: 1.6cm. Diameter: adjustable between 5.5 and 6cm.

The motif is inspired by the delicacy, the cut and the folds of the leaves of Ginkgo Biloba, an emblematic Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire tree, visited on the occasion of the International Garden Festival.

* All jewelry is made in the Paris region in France:
The collections are designed and assembled by Nadia. The other manufacturing steps (cutting, welding, gilding and enamel) are entrusted to Parisian artisans chosen for their know-how.

* Gilding: the jewels are in brass gilded with 24 carat 0.5 micron fine gold and the rings are 3 micron gold plated to accompany you as long as possible.

About Nadja Carlotti:

"I created my brand to remain free, to create objects that bring back memories and emotions in front of Nature. These jewels tell stories, journeys, unique places that everyone can make their own. "

Photo: Lisa Raio