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Le Comptoir de Mathilde

Hot Chocolate® Ruby Chocolate Meringue Shards

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Discover the Hot Choc with ruby ​​chocolate held by a wooden spoon and decorated with meringue pieces.

Ruby chocolate has intense and tangy fruity notes. Without adding colorings or fruit aromas, you can be sure to taste a quality chocolate

Let yourself be transported by its color, lose yourself in its fruitiness, discover the intensity of its tangy and fresh notes .. Get inspired by its exciting accords, and rediscover the pleasures of a star coming from a reinvented creativity.

Cultivated with love and transformed with mastery.

Origin : Ruby cocoa beans come from Brazil, the equator and the Ivory Coast.

Tasting: Dip the chocolate in a mug of hot milk, stir and enjoy.

Storage: Store away from heat and humidity.