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Scarf S08

Scarf S08

Meilleur Ami

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Printed snood scarf

Essential of the contemporary wardrobe, a generous double turn knotting the style in a jiffy.

100% silk mixed scarf

70 cm X 80 cm Tube scarf

About Best Friend:

At the origin of MeilleurAmi, there is a certain vision of fashion.

The conviction that the accessory has nothing secondary, but on the contrary poses a style and a state of mind.

There is also a love of fashion shared by a man and a woman whose profession it has always been.

Delphine and Fabien first invent the ideal bag as a duo, before looking at the scarf. If the object is different, the approach is the same: remove the superfluous, sublimate the essential.

It will be an infinite scarf, with very precise dimensions, that you just have to wrap in 8 around the neck to form a cozy and airy nest. An accessory designed for both men and women.

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