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Ernst Haeckel 40th Anniversary Edition

Ernst Haeckel 40th Anniversary Edition


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The charm of microbes.

Ernst Haeckel, the 19th century pioneer who captured the art and beauty of the natural world.

German evolutionary biologist and naturalist, Ernst Haeckel (1834–1919) was also an artist, philosopher and physician, and spent his life studying flora and fauna , from the highest peaks to the deepest oceans . A fervent defender and promoter of Darwin's theory of evolution, he denounced religious dogmas, wrote philosophical treatises, obtained a doctorate in zoology and invented scientific terms such as “ecology”, “phylum” or “stem cell” today. 'hui in common use.
Central to Haeckel's immense legacy is his ambition to not only explore things, but to explain them . He thus designed hundreds of drawings, watercolors and detailed sketches of his discoveries which he had published in several volumes, including collections devoted to marine organisms and a particularly imposing, Kunstformen der Natur ( Artistic forms of nature ) , keystone of all of Haeckel's work. Rigorous illustrated encyclopedia devoted to living beings , Haeckel's work is remarkable for its graphic precision and its nuances faithful to reality as much as for its understanding of evolution biological. From bats to jellyfish, from lizards to lichens , not to mention spider legs and the sea ​​anemones , the scientist emphasized the fundamental symmetry and order of nature, detecting an organic beauty in the least of its creatures.
This work pays homage to the importance of Haeckel's work for science, art and the environment through a selection of 300 plates from some of his most important volumes devoted to marine biology , including Die Radiolarien , Monographie der Medusen , Die Kalkschwämme , as well as Kunstformen der Natur . To At a time when biodiversity is constantly threatened by human activities, this book offers both a graphic masterpiece, an exploration of the underwater world and an eloquent reminder of the precie use variety of life.

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Hardcover, 15.6 x 21.7 cm, 1.45 kg, 512 pages

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