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Le Chocolat des francais

Box of coated almonds

13,00 €
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Inside this pretty box inspired by Parisian everyday life, you will find delicious crunchy almonds divinely coated in dark and milk chocolate.

It was in Provence that Le Chocolat des français went to find THE best craftsman in terms of gourmet almonds. Trained by his parents, this specialist has rare and ancestral know-how referenced in French living heritage (Yes Madam!).

This state label certainly rewards excellence of this know-how but to offer the crème de la crème of the products, he combines it with noble ingredients of the first choice! Hence the importance of sourcing almonds. Like Pogba or Pavard, they are carefully selected from the best almonds available. Heated over an open heat in large red copper cauldrons, the almonds are roasted to the core in caramelized sugar, then coated with a thin layer of 60% dark chocolate or 31% milk chocolate.

Made from entirely natural ingredients and guaranteed to be palm oil-free , these almonds are crunchy, with toasted notes and have superb length in the mouth, in short, we bite into one, then two then three… then the whole package!

125 grams
Illustrated by Laurent Moreau