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Lime cut seasoning box

13,00 €
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A nice box composed of a Seasoning Pencil | Lime | and a sharpener that meets food standards.
An exclusively vegetable recipe, lovingly cooked by Savant-Food and its team in Alès in the Cévennes.

| Lime | is ideal with spicy cuisine, summer fruits, grilled fish, vegetables and seafood .

Box contents:
- A Seasoning pencil to sharpen
- A pencil sharpener

Recommendation :
- 1 chip in a bite
- 5 to 10 chips in a plate

A Seasoning of 18g is 120 chips for your plates. Store in a dark place for 7 to 9 months depending on the batch number.

Flavored preparation for seasoning with cider vinegar and natural lime flavor Ingredients: water, cider vinegar (30.3%), salt, agar-agar, natural lime flavor (7.7%), natural lemon flavor, soy sauce tamari, Locust bean gum, coloring: Chlorophylline.
Average nutritional values ​​for 100 g: Energy: 78KJ / 18.7 Kcal - Fat: 0.1 g - Of which fatty acids saturated: <0.1 g - Carbohydrates: 2.6 g - Of which sugars: 1.3 g - Proteins: 0.6 g - Salt: 7.1 g