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Andrée Jardin

Heritage nail brush

10,00 €
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Inspired by the toiletries of our dear grandmothers, a reflection of a true French art de vivre, these brushes will provide you with all the care your skin needs.

Elegant, design, this nail brush will gently cleanse for perfect hygiene!

Small or large, it will be useful for all family.

One row has been worked shorter, allowing a row of harder bristles for a more intensive cleaning.

The shape of this nail brush is very pleasant to hold as for the body brush.

Its 100% natural, French-origin Thermochained ash wood has excellent resistance to humidity.

Like the 2 other brushes, this are brushes with natural materials, we advise you to shake it well to remove excess water. Dry hair down!

Drain well after use. Prolonged contact with water may alter its appearance


9cm x 3cm x 3cm

Silk White and Thermo-heated ash wood

Made in France