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Brooch Panache - Comédie Française

30,00 €
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Hand-embroidered "Panache" brooch in collaboration with La Comédie Française

" Something that without a fold, without a stain,
I carry in spite of you, and it is ...

This is?

My plume.

Edmond Rostand

The association between the Incontournable Comédie Française & the Incontournables small brooches hand-embroidered in cannetille which are inspired by the precision and quality of military embroidery. Small precious object elegant, funny, quirky, sometimes colorful or articulated ... Treat yourself!

Hand-embroidered brooch
Size: 42mm x 29mm
Item packaged individually in a small black box.
Please note: hand embroidery is fragile. Do not wash.