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Brooch Ma Biche

Brooch Ma Biche

Macon et Lesquoy

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Ma biiiiiiiiche!
Spindle size: about 43x26mm
"He rocked our childhood, that of 3-channel TV. He forged our humor. He taught us grimaces, "ma biiiiiiche", "grrrr", "tactactactac" ... So we wanted to pin him! Thank you to the Cinémathèque for giving us this great opportunity. "

Carefully designed and embroidered, these brooches are the essential accessory of elegance ... Even in their cardboard and velvet box! Carrying messages and attention, they know how to seduce on all occasions.
The brooches are embroidered entirely by hand, using purl thread, using a very old Indo-Pakistani technique.

Please note: hand embroidery is fragile. Do not wash.

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