Macon et Lesquoy

Sombrero Bracelet Gold

35,00 € 24,50 €
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Mexico! Mexiiiiico! Under your singing sun hiiiii…

Size: approximately 2.4x2.2 cm

"Fruit of beautiful encounters and fruitful migrations, our bracelets are inspired by the creations of the Inuit of Lapland, who use the same purl threads as in Pakistan. These delicate pieces will dress your wrist with elegance. Their little black box will protect them effectively, to wear and love them for a long time. "

The bracelets are hand embroidered in Pakistan and sewn in our workshop in Normandy.

Embroidered bracelets are sensitive to water. They cannot be washed, and will not withstand the shower, the swimming, or the dishes!
They are attached to the wrist with a cord and a sliding knot.
Their pretty black box, in cardboard and velvet, will allow you to store them carefully.