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Lily Camel Bracelet

40,00 €
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The Lily line of bracelets is inspired by the grace and finesse of dancers. These are golden bracelets, thin and delicate, enhanced with a light touch of color in enamel.
With a small hook clasp, the Lily bracelet can be worn on all occasions and life events.

Thin bracelet 0.3cm wide drop clasp dipped in a gold bath
Flexible shape
Diameter of the bracelet: 5.8 cm

About bangle-up:

Danielle and Kevin created bangle up in 2014. After working for 15 years to develop the Princesse Tam Tam brand, Danielle has desires elsewhere and wants to embark on an entrepreneurial and creative project.

This is how she decides to team up with the son of one of the creators of the lingerie brand, Kevin, who then ran a jewelry store. Both want more than anything to develop a brand of character, original, recognizable and with a strong DNA.

Bracelets with a refined design, subtle colors and exclusive prints. Much more than a brand, bangle-up is a real family, a happy family business as Danielle likes to say!

Located a stone's throw from the Canal Saint Martin, at the end of a small courtyard, the bangle-up workshop exudes good humor, just like its jewels, real lucky charms.