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Blanche travel bottle 65cl

16,00 €
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Travel bottle to transport your drinks: water, coffee, tea, infusions, milk, juice, acidic and carbonated drinks.


Ø 7.3 cm x H 21.2 cm - 65cl

Designer: Spalvieri & DelCiotto

PCTA - Polyester copolymer is a transparent and shatterproof acrylic material with good resistance to chemicals. Suitable for food contact up to 70 ° C. Avoid prolonged contact with tea, red wine and infusions of red fruits, which may slightly alter the color of the material. Dishwasher safe. Recyclable material.

PP - Polypropylene is a light acrylic material, flexible and unbreakable at room temperature. It offers good heat resistance. It is suitable for food contact up to 100 ° C. It can be placed in the microwave oven to reheat already cooked food (Max 400 W - Max 3 Min - Max 100 ° C). Do not microwave foods containing oil, fat or sugar as their temperature may exceed 100 ° C and damage the product. Dishwasher safe. Recyclable material.

STAINLESS STEEL - It offers high resistance to oxidation and chemicals. It has a high surface sheen. Dishwasher safe at MAX 55 ° C. During the wash cycle, separate the material from the knives. The original shine can be restored by polishing with specific products. Recyclable material.