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Jacinthe candle

Jacinthe candle

La Manufacture de Bel-Air

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The Bel-Air Manufacture candles are handcrafted in France respecting the tradition of master waxers.
They are made of 100% vegetable coconut wax, original perfumes developed in Grasse and 'a braided cotton wick.
In order to take advantage of all their qualities, we recommend that you leave the candle to burn for two hours so that the wick is nourished with wax and perfectly diffuses the fragrance. Then cut the wick to five millimeters before each burn.

About our wax:
Coconut wax has a cleaner combustion than soya, diffuses flavors better and does not require additives thanks to its naturally high melting point. The fact that it is completely natural, makes it more delicate to handle, our master wax maker is the only one in France to have mastered it after numerous tests. Its rendering is less smooth than paraffin wax or soy wax with a palm additive but this appearance does not alter its quality in any way, it melts perfectly and slowly, without digging a well.
The coconut wax production is sustainable, does not require pesticides and does not participate in deforestation.

Vegetable coconut wax
Parfum de Grasse
High concentration of perfume (14%)
150 grams
Made in France
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