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La Belle Meche

Meditation Apothecary Candle

27,00 €
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Based on a synergy of essential oils known to promote internal refocusing including:

Patchouli : recognized to stimulate the psyche and fight lack of self-confidence

Incense : recognized to promote meditation, calm and the removal of negative thoughts

Candles with essential oils were developed with the advice of an aromatherapist graduated from the Plenoël school.

Soy wax, at low melting point, gives the best possible essential oils. These candles give off a more “raw” fragrance than our scented candles.

We recommend that you burn your Apothecary, a candle with essential oils in 1 hour to 2 hour increments. < / p>


150g / 40h burning

Wax 100% vegetable (soya without GMO)

100% cotton wick guaranteed lead-free


Do not light if you are pregnant.

Do not leave unattended.