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Nadja Carlotti

Lizzy earrings

45,00 €
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LIZZY COLLECTION - Small very graphic chip earrings, gilded with fine gold and enamelled by hand in the Paris region. The minimalist design makes it a timeless, chic and ultra feminine buckle. The motif, which plays with the effects of materials, consists of a circle, a line and a triangle recalling the principles of the artistic movement of Constructivism.

Pattern diameter: l: 1.1cm

Available in 3 colors: prussian blue, burgundy, green

The Lizzy collection is a plunge into this artistic movement of the beginning of the 20th century, embodied by the artist Lissitzky (hence the name Lizzy as a diminutive) and more precisely of a work called "Beat the Whites with Red Wedge "(1919). According to him, each element of the work has its own dynamic and creates a tension to meet the other elements

* All jewelry is made in the Paris region in France:
The collections are designed and assembled by Nadia. The other manufacturing steps (cutting, welding, gilding and enamel) are entrusted to Ile-de-France artisans chosen for their know-how.

* Gilding: the jewels are in brass gilded with 24 carat 0.5 micron fine gold and the rings are 3 micron gold plated to accompany you as long as possible.

About Nadja Carlotti:

" I created my brand to remain free, to create objects that bring back memories and emotions in front of Nature. These jewels tell stories, journeys, unique places that everyone can enjoy. 'appropriate. "