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Maison Bourgeon

20g Desert Door tea box

6,00 €
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Symbol of hospitality and friendliness, mint tea is the traditional drink in North Africa. Its generous taste, its freshness will bring you dynamism and tone throughout the day.

Infusion time and water temperature: 3 min / 75 ° / 30 min cold

  • Citronella
  • Green Tea
  • Citron Barks
  • Mint Leaves
About Maison Bourgeon:

The story begins 10 years ago with Sébastien , a young entrepreneur from Vercors. Contemplative and adventurer in his spare time, he discovered a passion for tea during his first stay in India. He brings back in his suitcase memories, sensations, teas and spices that he shares with his brother Jean-Charles , epicurean and gourmet. Together, they have the idea of ​​transforming traditional tea into a gourmet drink combining flowers, fruits, colors and flavors. The adventure slowly comes to fruition, for two, on the Christmas markets in France. Together, they have fun combining the best teas from India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka, with scents reminiscent of their childhood, with exotic flavors.
Maison Bourgeon revisits the tea moment by combining pleasure, good life and well-being.

Amateurs, young and old, novices or tea-addicts, everyone can be found in one of their 70 recipes! The arrival of their big sister Marie , a resolutely optimistic salesperson, completes this friendly and united team, united around the values ​​of a family and artisanal business.