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DC Paris Luxembourg Poster

49,00 €
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Paris Jardin de Luxembourg by Dominique Corbasson.

The 30x40 cm prints are presented under masterpieces. The dimensions indicated include the creation as well as the master key.
French manufacture

IMAGE REPUBLIC likes different, strong, communicating images ... those that mark an era, a moment, those that make you think, smile or souvenir ... Image Republic loves ... pop culture icons, iconic personalities, cult objects and brands, creative advertising, iconic TV series, emotional moments, certain claims ...
"There is a bit of all of this in the images that make up our collections, which better than words, testify to our passion and define the spirit of Image Republic."

Artist, illustrator, and Parisian above all, she was a stylist for Habitat, Galeries Lafayette, Chanel, Hermès ... before turning to children's books, among others.

Today, his work is widely exhibited in galleries, from Paris to Tokyo ...

His line, whether done in paint or in colored pencil, all in fine and light touches, is fluid, instinctive and resolutely modern. Her often teeming urban or natural landscapes are saturated with all the life she knows how to capture, whether it's a hot summer day or a snowy winter afternoon.

Dominique Corbasson draws inspiration from the atmosphere in which she bathes, and observes, with the full and sincere attention that is all her own. His way of sketching Parisians and his gaze on California, New York, London, Tokyo or even Scotland are vibrant testimonies.