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Poster 86 Favre Page Turner

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Elegant page turner with a split profile, for the cover of the New Yorker summer drama issue, published on June 6, 1996, and designed by French artist Malika Favre. Minimalism and sophistication. Under a large black hat, the reader calls out with her soft gaze emerging from the shadows, the reader of the magazine. Malika Favre has lived in London for 15 years, she has worked for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Gucci…
The 30x40 cm prints are presented under masterpieces. The dimensions indicated include the creation as well as the master key.
French manufacturing

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Founded in 1925, The New Yorker is a cosmopolitan and urban magazine. It delivers weekly analysis and commentary on US and international politics, and discusses business, science and technology. The New Yorker also devotes an important place to popular culture, the arts, poetry and fiction. He has stood out since his inception for his cartoons and humoristic drawings. The New Yorker publishes the best authors of its time and has received numerous accolades for its lively commentary, quality of writing and thoroughness of its reporters. Expected every week, his covers are famous around the world. They are a true trademark of the magazine and dedicate artists of all nationalities.