There was the wood, the lake, the magnificent “art deco” palace of the Golden Gate with its improbable palm trees, the shops, the market…
We moved here, in the 12th arrondissement, to Michel Bizot ...
A few steps from our house there was the antique store, we loved his shop, we looked at his window every day, we found treasures there!
The day he told us he was leaving, we would never have thought that it would be us who were going to install ours behind this same window!
This opportunity precipitated our plan to open a store together.
In the street where our child was born a year earlier, “Coeur Grenadine” was to be born.
We have gathered here objects that we love ... Lots of gifts ...
Gifts for our home, our pleasure, our friends… Gifts that smell good, that can be read, that are eaten… On which we write, with which we draw, in which we drink… Gifts that make our hearts feel good “Grenadine”.

Linda and Jean-Baptiste